The Importance of Being Ernest

Location: New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

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Say It Again, Sorry? presents
The Importance of Being… Earnest?
Written by Joshua King, Simon Paris and Say It Again, Sorry?

When a traditional production of Oscar Wilde’s classic play gets underway, everything seems to be going perfectly to plan… that is, until the lead actor fails to arrive on cue.

With no sign of Earnest, there’s only one thing the director can do. Cast a member of the audience, of course. But as more of the cast drop out, it seems like more and more of the audience will be needed to reach the finale!

You might think you know this chaotic story of love, mistaken identity and double-lives, but you have never seen it like this before. Filled with wicked Wildean wit and bursting with Bunburying, join us for a hilarious and unpredictable twist on the world’s favourite comedy classic.