The Further Adventures of Peter Pan - The Return of Captain Hook

Location: The Anvil, Basingstoke
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Melanie Walters
Mrs Darling / Ethyl Mermaid
David Ribi
Peter Pan
Chris Pizzey
Holly Atterton
Tinker Bell
Chris Fearn
Captain Hook
Ruth Betteridge
Emily Darling

Join Peter, Smee, Tinker Bell, and Ethyl Mermaid on a brand-new swashbuckling adventure full of fun, laughter… and crocodiles!

After defeating the evil Captain Hook and his crew of prancing pirates, life has been pretty perfect for Peter Pan. But when a stranger arrives in Neverland, he is forced to question his past and face his future. Will Peter ever grow up?

And then there are the rumours...

That a certain someone survived the stormy seas and is seeking revenge! Have you heard them too? People are saying… that Hook is back!

So watch out, he might be behind you!

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