Are you a parent with young children?

Then this website is primarily for you (and there's the occasional show for grown ups, too). The aim is to provide useful information about theatre productions so that you can decide what shows to see.

Before Covid-19 struck, journalist Tim Saunders and his wife Caroline together with their children Harriett (10), Heidi (8) and Henry (5) thoroughly enjoyed going to the theatre. But all is not lost. Far from it. Now it is possible to enjoy world-beating theatre productions online. Thank goodness for the internet. Tim Berners-Lee; we are eternally grateful. During the pandemic the hard hit and hugely important arts sector has been forced to adapt to stay alive. Pre-coronavirus Tim and his family simply did not have the time to travel all around the UK to visit theatres but now they're able to, thanks to the wonders of online streaming.

On this website you will find a small selection of excellent theatre that can often be viewed for free. If you're able to make a donation then please do; the actors will be grateful. This is a great moment for those who might not be theatregoers, to enter the wonderful world of theatre. Have an ice cream at the interval. Make an occasion of it. Dress up and have a great time - all in the comfort of your own home. Go on, you deserve it. We'd love to hear about your experiences so please do drop us a line, share photos of yourselves watching these performances with us and we'll pop them on our facebook and twitter pages.

In the UK we're still really fortunate to have so many independent theatres in our towns and cities all showcasing fabulous talent from young emerging actors through to world famous performers. For Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen, the theatre is all about the theatregoers. He says: "Why do you act? You act for an audience. In the theatre, you're in their presence. Film stars don't know what it is to have an audience." Despite Covid it is still possible to actually go to a theatre to watch a live production if you're fortunate enough to be in Tier 1... If not youtube will be your saviour.

According to Arts Council England the arts and culture industry, which includes theatre, has grown £390m in a year and before Covid contributed £10.8bn a year to the UK economy. The organisation also reports that regular access to this sector boosts life expectancy.

Not only will theatre once again play a vital role in the country's finances but watching a show does wonders for the soul. It is also hugely inspirational, especially for children.

Tim's reviews are published on this website as well as in newspapers and magazines.